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Reaper crackling during playback

Okay, I admit, I'm new at this. I've downloaded Reaper and am trying to use the X3 as the playback device, using the headphones. Now, I can hear my guitar through the headphones and Reaper is recording the guitar I've rendered to an MP3 and it has recorded succesfullybut when I attempt to hear the playback through the headphones, I hear nothing. I think I've verified the settings correctly. Again, it is recording from the X3.

I just can't hear the playback. I want to be able to record rythym tracks and record over them. Obviously, I need to hear the track. In Reaper, you need to go to the "Options" tab at the top of the screen, and then select Preferences.

Once in the dialog window, you'll see a field that says Audio on the left hand side. Underneath that, there's a tab that says devices. This is where you set the POD as your input and output device. More information on this: I had to reboot the machine for something and when I went back into reaper, without making other changes, I was able to hear the playback in my headphones.

Great, I thought, but not so fast It'll work for a little while, but suddenly I can no longer hear the playback. Reboot, and again, it works, for a while. I'm wondering if I have some kind of a driver issue, or some operating system issue. It's configured correctly, with x3's ASIO driver, and works after a reboot - I can even import a mp3 into a project, play it and record on another track, until it decides to go south I've made sure the drivers on my PC were updated there were some updates - which I installed, though not sure if the ASIO drivers were on the list.

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I also discovered that the flash on the X3 needed updating, which I did. This all resulted in no change in behavior. I can hear the playback for a while and then it suddenly stops. Even when the playback stops, I can still here my live playing of the guitar through the headphones.

I'm at a loss, and its intermittent behavior is frustrating me. I'm at the point of where I'm just beginning to learn about recording my play. My long term view is to go the route of a audio interface and such, but given that the X3 is supposed to be able to do so, I'd rather not shell out the bucks on this just yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

reaper crackling during playback

Do you have the X3L or the X3 bean? If it is an X3L, you should be able to get the repair covered under the extended warranty related to this particular issue, I think.The most important thing to get low latency without crackling is to keep CPU use in control.

Most plugins, especially amp sims, have settings for quality and stereo.

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If you are running plugins on a single mono track, make sure that you switch them to mono. This will actually save a lot of CPU consumption. Another very important issue is to switch off any plugins not needed for recording. If you are double tracking guitars and using two mono tracks hard panned to left and right with individual but identical amp sims, you can route those two tracks through a parent track with just one instance of each plugin in stereo mode.

After some investigating I came across a setting that prevents VST from running when there is no playback. Just right-click the track and freeze. So since then, I prefer rendering the track to a stem on a separate track and leave the original intact but mute.

The Reaper wiki has an excellent article that focuses more on audio latency related to the audio interface itself. Use what you need Most plugins, especially amp sims, have settings for quality and stereo. Reuse what you can If you are double tracking guitars and using two mono tracks hard panned to left and right with individual but identical amp sims, you can route those two tracks through a parent track with just one instance of each plugin in stereo mode.

More tips The Reaper wiki has an excellent article that focuses more on audio latency related to the audio interface itself. As always, share your own best tips in the comments and good luck! Share thisUser Name Remember Me? Crackling and popping noises, on brand new computer.

So i just got my brand new computer, specially for audio and video editing. On my old laptop I have experienced this and I thought that it must be my laptop.

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But now with my new computer it is the same. I record guitars and have virtual amps and effects set. I also use the reaverb plugin that. I hear it most when playing and recording, but it also happens when I playback the recordings. The weird thing is that there were no such noise yesterday, but suddenly without changing any settings it happened.

I have an i5 processor, 8gb of ram and a full of space ssd. What is the problem? My problems went away with that. Not sure if that will help the popping issue.

I'm assuming your audio interface is your computer?

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I use an Antelope Orion and had issues with popping, especially on recording, and some of it would get into the file. I had to go into my computer system sound preferences and make sure Orion was NOT set as my computer sound input.

It is only my input for Reaper. That fixed the problem. Originally Posted by mavericksound. If you have WIFI enabled, try turning it off. That has solved many a crackling problem. Otherwise, try running a DPC latency checker to see if it shows some issues. Check computer sound input. Another thing to check that worked for pops and crackles: My interface is the Antelope Orion 32, and after some research, found out that I had to make sure my computer sound input was not set for the Orion.

Once I set the computer input to built-in, all the crackles went away.User Name Remember Me? Clicks and crackles during playback not a buffering problem!!!

I founded my Reaper's playback is not rather smooth. When i drop some audiofiles on the tracks and play them it often appears an unpleasant click or crackle-sound and I need to play a loop for several times to make it disappear. Also If I shift the position of the audiofile it also can help. The worst spot in the project where the crackles appear - is the begining of the project, especially the start point. Ive also notices that Reaper cuts the first millisecond from the audiofile on the startpoint but if you make a loop - it plays smoothly.

Also there is often a click when I preview samples in the browser. Has anybody got such things? Find More Posts by Evgeny Bardyuzha. Well I'll be I've got the exact same problem: Clicks, crackles and the first few milliseconds not playing!

Hopefully someone could post a useful reply on this thread. I've just assumed it's because my laptop is slow. How do you know it's not a buffering problem? Do you get your transport flashing red? That might point to a disk reading problem. Alternatively reaper might be doing a lot of on-the-fly resampling.

Make sure your audiofiles are the same samplerate as the project. Originally Posted by valacirca.Forum Rules. Remember Me?

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Advanced Search. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: "Crackling sound during playback in DAW". Hello, i'm new to this forum and i would make a decent presentation but i didnt find any Greetins section or such so far. I'm not even sure if this is the suited area to open this thread, but anyway. I used to write music in Midi Editors during 90's, and used Guitar Pro 5 for some years until i decided to make a great step and improvement in terms of sounds and started to "work" on DAW not much time months ago, and i have a lot to learn obviously.

Even if i don't have mastered what my DAW can do, i started to work on some pieces and eventually encountered some issues. There is this "crackling" sound that occurs when i use some strings soundfonts, more specifically when start to play too many of them.

The Cpu Usage display doesn't show any overwork, and the song playback doesn't seem to slowdown, and even if i turn down the volume of those soundfonts it still crackles in the same way. You need to incresses your audio buffer, you might be able to do it within the software or your sound cards controll panel.

You didn't really give much nfo on what your using so thats the best advice I can give you. EDIT: Seems like it is a specific issue that occurs when multiple istances of the soundfont player are used, i'm doing some research at the moment to solve it.

Thanks all. I'm not sure what it does exactly, but as long as it sounds all fine t guess it's ok. I think its about the sound card. I have that problem too. Ill buy a sound card soon Originally Posted by 3lackrose. BC: I've been making music since Before Computers were common in music Abnormal thoughts and insights available here Tutorials and other ideas available here My SoundCloud.

I've also noticed whenever you export the beat, the crackling and popping aren't in the actual. W is eating up too much CPU. Follow me on Twitter CityBeats1 www.

reaper crackling during playback

Originally Posted by bandcoach. Yeah there are some of the older machines that use pseudo multi-processing in their cpus P4 hyper-threaded. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is PM. Enter your search terms Submit search form.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Reaper audio cutting out issue. Reaper audio cutting out issue.

Sign in to disable this ad. Reaper is occasionally cutting out Audio when I open Addictive drums Or sometimes just when playing like half way through the track.

reaper crackling during playback

Also using 64 version of the driver Does the audio cut out and stay cut out, or just 'blip'? Honestly, with that monster processor, I'd bet your thought on the drivers being the issue is likely correct, but you never know.

Does your computer have a built-in sound card? If you use that for output, do you get any more cut-outs? Hey presto, why are you using 32bit reaper when everything else that you're running is 64bit? Usually posted from my cellphone telephone.

I am having the exact same problem. Not when recording, but during playback.

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Have seen it on multiple computers, with different drivers. Playback just "stops" -- like it gets stuck for about a second or two, and then continues. Makes it impossible to continue with the SW. Being a computer guy, it really looks like it is loading up the disk read buffer and not returning to the disk until it runs out completely. CPU usage is nil and disk usage is also nil -- until the skip in the audio and then a small activity. Has happened on both 32 bit and 64 bit Win computers Ableton for me is like writing left handed -- one can do it, but totally different than the others.

If anyone has an idea -- please let me know. Fixed the issue I finally figured out the issue -- it was Windows' disk caching. If you turn this off, the audio dropouts go away -- or at least they did for me.

reaper crackling during playback

That was a pain to track down, let me tell you Hmmm, I'm using a MacBook Pro, 2. I thought my Firepod was going bad or I had a bad mic or cable, but there are no audio problems when I close Reaper and just monitor without it. I also thought it might be some Plug Ins I'm using within Reaper but turning those off makes no difference.

This noise only occurs when playing. Why would Reaper work perfectly but then produce this problem at about the same time into using it, every time? I'm not a computer expert or interface expert, so excuse the poor terminology If it's during recording, I'd set the latency low on the interface and disable ALL plugins to keep the track as clean as possible.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up.

I installed the program in portable version and everything works smooth now. I used to be able to use Reaper with no problems. But one day, I started to get a very distorted sound when I'm playing my recordings on Reaper. Fact 1 : Reaper renders my projects as its supposed to be not distorted.

Sound samples simple clean chord recorded as dry guitar sound :. What Reaper renders. What I hear during playback. Audio Device. I think the most likely cause is the audio settings -- have you tried using going to the Reaper preferences under "Audio Device" and setting a different device? I'm not sure if you have to restart Reaper after changing the setting or not That sounds very much like the type of distortion that is wanted by guitarists, not a problem with sound card.

It's really quite a nice warm distortion. How did you play back your clean track, and what is different between that and playing back your rendered track? You should see the answer to this question. Referring to that, guitar tracks sound different upon implementing different recording techniques.

For the best results, you should monitor the sound the audio interface receives through headphones plugged into it. If you are connecting the 6. You must also check for combinations of different settings on your pedal board which include selecting the patch as well as effects like delay, echo, reverb, wah; adjusting gain and volume, etc.

However, you won't necessarily get the best results out of what settings you have with you. Softwares like Reaper let you use plugins to overlap with the sound of your guitar track.

This is similar to using VST plugins to record tracks using a midi keyboard. Watch this video: Using VST plugins in reaper to create and automate guitar rig. This shows how to get best results using plugins as well as overviews some of the ideal settings and I'm sure this could be of some help to you. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. Active 2 years, 4 months ago.

Viewed 14k times. I found an interesting solution: I installed the program in portable version and everything works smooth now. Do you have any idea?

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