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The ultimate canoeing experience is reserved for those few who paddle the traditional wood and canvas canoe. No other material is so long-lasting and completely restorable after generations of use, can be constructed with such fine lines, or is so responsive to paddle and pleasing to the eye. At Northwoods Canoe Company we offer many different models of wood and canvas canoes.

Each is painstakingly constructed using the finest Maine white cedar for ribs and planking, white spruce for the rails, and ash for decks, thwarts and seats.

Our Handmade Canoes

The completed hull is treated with oils and preservatives before being covered with select U. Grade 10 canvas, which is then filled with our own special filler. Durable spar varnish is applied to the well-sanded interior and first quality marine enamel, available in all popular colors, finishes the exterior. All screws, tacks, stembands and other fastenings are marine grade brass or bronze.

No canoe can do everything well, but some designs are far more versatile than others. The models offered here are based upon proven canoes of traditional design from an era when professional woodsmen and guides depended upon them for their livelihoods and very survival. That said, I do not believe anyone using these boats will find anything old-fashioned or outdated about their performance. Since its inception, Northwoods Canoe Company has grown in size and now has over 12 unique canoe designs.

Welcome to Island Falls Canoe

Whether they are used for day trips, family outings, fishing trips or expeditions, we are committed to designing the most beautiful and functional canoes on the water. Skip to content.An education in forestry and a passion for fly-fishing fueled his enthusiasm for paddling into wild spaces. Over time, he developed a lifelong appreciation for nature, its beauty, and the rhythms of water, light, and form.

When not in the wilderness or in his workshop Jon draws inspiration from his two adventurous and incredible daughters. He began his love of woodworking over 20 years ago while making a range of furniture and bamboo fly rods.

His desire to design and create in wood grew throughout the years. After a constant search to put his creative energy to some purpose, Jon established Backcountry Custom Canoes. Skin on frame boats have been around for at least 4, years, likely longer.

It's a construction method perfected by Arctic Indigenous peoples who created amazing kayak designs with very limited resources. The modern skin on frame boat is a re-imagining of an ancient construction method using modern materials and designs. Backcountry Custom Canoes.

Wherever there is a channel for water, there is a road for the canoe. Solo Canoes. I exposed my face to the sun, steering with hardly a dip of the paddle. Tandem Canoes. Canoe Renovations. The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. Your Name.

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Your Email. Your Subject. Your Message. Backcountry Custom Canoes creates functional pieces of art to help you navigate a lifestyle where water is a bridge between nature and humankind. All Rights Reserved.Fritz Orr Canoe brings a heritage of canoeing to life through hand crafted custom canoe paddles. Perfectly balanced, sculpted from select Appalachian and Tropical woods, discover these truly functional works of art; handcrafted by a canoeist for canoeist.

Named after the free-flowing Selway River in Idaho, Fritz designed and handcrafts this blade for Class III rivers to steep creeks, where performance is essential.

The Selway is a curved blade design finished with a reinforced carbon fiber s-glass epoxy power face, dynel tip, urethane edging for durability. The is a custom handcrafted paddle and is offered in your choice of a canoe, or a historical paddle design. Fritz hand selects beautifully figured and rare woods which are book-matched with an array of artistic patterns, curved stripes, marquetry or in-lay.

Welcome to Fritz Orr Canoes! Learn More. The Edisto is our signature quiet-water design, handcrafted for the enthusiast to immerse in the solitude when touring or performing maneuvers. With the proper care, the Edisto is durable enough for years of quiet. Historical Artisan Paddles. Contact Us. Phone: Only in a wooden canoe can you fully realize the peace and joy that comes with paddling a traditional, and elegant handmade watercraft, that perfectly suits its environment.

Our lovely wood and canvas canoes are built one at a time to special order in our canoe shop in Atkinson, Maine. Since we have specialized in the enduring designs of 19th century canoe building pioneer, E. White of Old Town, Maine. Island Falls continues to use only the finest white cedar, spruce, white ash, mahogany and black cherry stock to produce new versions of these classic designs with all the integrity, styling, and grace of the original models.

We also offer full restoration and repair services, scale model canoes, limited edition decorated canoes, and related artwork and books. At Island Falls Canoe we take seriously your interests in acquiring the perfect, beautiful and enduring canoe of your dreams.

custom canoes

Today was the maiden voyage of Chesuncook. I gingerly put the boat on my car rack, tied it down and set off for San Diego Bay. My daughter and I launched the canoe at the San Diego Yacht Club and there is no doubt who had the best looking boat there. It is a remarkable boat.

custom canoes

Relatively fast, a head turner, and a pure joy to paddle. Thank you for creating such a fine vessel. Dear Jerry and Andrea, Today was the maiden voyage of Chesuncook.

Experience the grace and beauty of a custom built wood and canvas canoe from Island Falls Canoe! We have been building canoes since and with twenty different models and lots of beautiful options we can build the perfect canoe for your paddling pleasure.We hand make each individual beautiful and lightweight canoe.

With four great models to choose from, we can make the perfect canoe for you! Use the links above to view options, and contact us for more info, to arrange a demo, or to talk order details. From a solo canoe to an Call or email with any questions. We're happy to discuss the best options so you get a canoe that's tailored to your needs. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Custom-made Lightweight Canoes Proudly making the finest lightweight kevlar canoes.

Handmade one at a time! Learn more. High Quality, Competitive Price These beautiful watercraft feature unrivaled lightweight, durability, comfort and performance.

Solo and tandem canoes We hand make each individual beautiful and lightweight canoe. Expert, Friendly Assistance Use the links above to view options, and contact us for more info, to arrange a demo, or to talk order details. Four Models From a solo canoe to an Custom Options Choose from unique finishes, seat configurations, and other canoe add-ons.

Light, Strong, Beautiful See what some of our customers have to say. We love to talk canoes Call or email with any questions.Last year I decided I needed a boat to use on the Greenbrier River, which flows by our camp.

During the summer season the water level on the Greenbrier drops considerably and sometimes this requires pulling a boat up or down shallow rapids. I felt something with minimal draft would be best.

custom canoes

I decided on a canoe but also wanted something very stable and with real seats. And, I wanted to be able to mount an electric trolling motor. Several companies manufacture square back canoes but they are not as maneuverable as standard canoes and I wanted to be able to teach my son how to really work a canoe on a river by paddle.

Then there was also the notion we might tackle sections of the New River which are a bit more robust than the Greenbrier. Bill Planton Jr. They are laid up in two sections and then fitted together to form a one piece hull while they are still in the mold.

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River Ridge canoes have a unique double-ended design with a square transom allowing an electric trolling motor to be mounted. The transom is toughened with extra layers of fiberglass and a plywood plate. The fact these canoes come with swivel seats like you find in a bass boat was very appealing.

These seats slide in receptacles mounted on sturdy mahogany bench seats—one in front and one in the back. On occasion Dad fishes with me and after our first trip out in the River Ridge canoe, told me he could not have lasted the three hours on a regular bench seat. He said being able to lean back in the swivel seat made all the difference for his back.

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However, I found that I could take both my son and daughter fishing by removing the front swivel seat and letting them share wooden bench seat with one facing to the front and one to the rear.

The canoe is also pre-wired allowing the trolling motor to be connected to a volt, marine battery. The wiring harness is built into the canoe and the floor is ribbed in the center, providing a place for the battery or battery box to rest. There are also brackets for strapping the battery box down solid.

Lights mounted on the front and back of the front bench seat and the front of the rear bench seat are an option that I chose and I am glad I did because they really simplify fishing at night. The lights are connected to the wiring harness. Because the canoe has a wide beam 39 inches for its length 12 feet, 9 inches and because it has a keel that runs the length of the hull, it is very stable.

It has a weight rating of pounds but only weighs 84 pounds, less accessories.

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My 8-year-old son and I can load it on the roof of our Durango for long hauls or even stuff it in the back for shorter treks. These canoes are not what I would call inexpensive but considering the features and all the equipment that comes standard on the Sportsman model, they are still a bargain. I made a deposit and my canoe was ready and delivered as promised. Bill Planton spent a great deal of time on the phone with me to insure that not only was my order correct but that his canoe was they type water craft I needed.

I am in my second season with the River Ridge canoe and it has held up exceptionally well. Other than getting a little over zealous when tightening the battery box down and breaking the quick release connector on the strap, I have not had a single issue with the canoe. I have also navigated a few rapids that were borderline class II and felt very comfortable and stable during the ride. The fact that a hyperactive eight year old has yet to capsize us may be the best evidence of how stable this canoe is.

Depending on the way you fish and the rivers you run, a River Ridge canoe may not be for you. You still owe it to yourself to visit their web site, if for nothing else just to see how well designed this craft is for fishing in rivers and streams. The River Ridge canoe was obviously engineered by someone who knows a thing or two about canoes, rivers and fishing.

Contact: River Ridge Custom Canoes; ; www. Join USA.I had a dream of having a canoe light enough to carry across a portage in one trip, with a pack! Also, I can take a design that is close to your purpose and tailor it to your specific needs. This means modifying an existing design, fairing and creating new building forms.

Solo Portage 14' 6" x 30", 30 pounds above Wee Two 12' 6" x 30", 32 pounds, above.

custom canoes

In deciding which canoe design is for you, it is important that we talk about what experience you have in canoes and what purpose you envision for the canoe of your dreams. If you can come to my shop, I will show you canoes I have on hand and show you examples of other possible options.

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Or we can discuss options on the phone, and I can send you drawings and a proposal. Lightweight has been a driving force behind the boats I design and build. A large part of my experience in canoeing has been on extended trips, portaging from lake to lake, in the area near my family in Northern Ontario. I've carried canoes many a mile. I got tired of trips back and forth on portages carrying heavy canoes.

The difference in wood thickness does not effect strength. The real strength of this building method is in the fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. My gunnels are made of a special laminate of strong and lightweight spruce with an exterior edge of hardwood for abrasion resistance. This design is pounds lighter than conventional all hardwood designs. Wee Robbie is a solo double paddle canoe paddled with a kayak paddle seated on the boat bottom and is very light-weight at 17 lbs.

Building plans are available! Wee Vera and Wee Two are light-weight double paddle canoes. The Wee Vera is similar to the Wee Robbie but is more stable and can handle more weight. The Wee Two is designed for two adults or can also be paddled solo. Both of these canoes are very stable and can be set up as traditional canoes if you wish. Solo Portage i s designed as a fast, light-weight, solo canoe. Contact Laughing Loon.

Lightweight Canoes I had a dream of having a canoe light enough to carry across a portage in one trip, with a pack! The Four Finger Carry! Take me to available canoe plans! I heard that wood-strip canoes were lightweight and strong.

So I started building canoes using the wood strip method and experimented with ways to make them even lighter without sacrificing strength.

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